A New Month

Household of Christ Church get ready, for Heaven is about to smile upon you. I won’t close without reminding you that you are the best people of the best Church on the face of the earth, and Stella and I love you very much; you sweeten our lives. Have a Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy New month in Jesus Christ name.

Praise God for the gift of a new month, our month of divine inheritance in His presence. We all are indebted to the Most High God for all the blessings, mercy and grace He bestowed upon us last month, via open heaven. We must celebrate our strong and mighty God who continues to keep sorrow and death away from His Church, always providing us with reasons to celebrate in His presence. Praise be to our GOD in the highest heaven.

It is true that this is the month when the world plays that prank called “April Fool”, that said, I want to tell you that April fool is on the kingdom of darkness, for when they planned all their evil attacks against us last month, our Limitless God turned it around and used it for great good, releasing upon us innumerable blessings. Hallelujah.

This month, you must position yourself with faith and love in your heart and fire in your eyes, expecting the manifestation of the many good plans that God has in store for us. I already can hear the sound of abundance of rain, hence start gathering your empty containers, build storage tanks to gather and store the impending deluge of blessings coming to your house.

You are the best and we love you very much; have a Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy New month in Jesus Christ name.

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