Bro. Longinus Ndukuba


To record all Church services (Video and audio).

Develop quality tapes, CDs and videos of all worship services and keep all of those beautifully packaged and catalogued.

Duplicate CD’s and DVD’s and make those available for sale.

Market all Church CD’s and DVD’s within and without.

Print all church materials to advertise church events.

Build and maintain the church website.

Produce all Sunday Bulletins.

Work with the Church choir to create a seamless worship service.

Shoot all important information, like song lyrics, announcement, Bible verses etc, on the screen via the projector.

Keep a pictorial journal of the Church. Take pictures at every Church event, display them on Facebook and file them.

Produce and circulate HOCC monthly calendars.


To enable the Church communicate effectively with the congregants and the outside world, via printed and electronic media.

To operate the public address system in a way that will effectively facilitate the ministries of the church.