My Month Of Divine Prosperity In His Presence

Happy new month, and a happy new Church, brethren. We bless the name of our God for bringing us all into the month of prosperity and for the glorious gift of a brand new Church.

I am filled with so much joy and excitement as I write to you this month, because God brought us into the second half of this year and heaven is ready to smile upon us this month. I do not have lots of words to say to you this month, but like the story of that man who sent his mother a huge sum of money she’s never seen or dreamt of ( because she lived in poverty almost all her life), who in excitement sent her son a blank text message back.

When her son received the text message from mama and saw that it was blank, he called her and asked her if it was a mistake, then she told him that the blank text message was intentional, for she was short of words to say to him, because of the surprise and joy she was feeling. She went on to tell her son to just fill in the blank spaces with anything he thinks she ought to say to him for the big gift he gave her.

Beloved, in this new Church, our God has given us a blank check, just add the figures, it will clear. Heaven is waiting upon you to put a demand, for God said to me that if we can dream it, He shall make it happen. God is waiting for you to challenge Him with tough problems, crazy demands, dead situations, and see if He will not prove Himself as the almighty God.

I won’t close this message without restating that you are the best people, of the best Church on the face of the earth and Stella and I love you very much; you sweeten our lives. Have a Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy new month in Jesus Christ name. May God continue to bless Household of Christ Church.

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