My Month of Light, Illumination and Restoration

Hurray, it’s October 2014, our month of Light, illumination and restoration. How time fly’s and how eventful this year has been, beloved it is so good to have the Lord as our God, for He has been everything to us. Glory to God for all His graces, His kindnesses and blessings upon His Church and people.

As the month of September expired, the slate was wiped clean and God gave you a clean slate, new grace and opportunities. Saints of God, this month, get ready for the miraculous, for the Light of God with its limitless power shall make miracles follow you. The light of God shall expose and disgrace every darkness hiding in your life, shall drive them out and add beauty to any dreary life. Amongst other things, the light of God shall expose your stolen, missing or lost blessings and cause you to recover them all.

Child of God, lift up your heads, square your shoulders, shout for joy, for the unconquerable God has remembered you and He is coming down the road to your house to bless you and bless your socks off. You must know this beloved, you are very important to God; hence He calls you the favored apple of His eyes. Rejoice and dance for joy in Jesus name.

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