My Month To Reign In His Presence

Happy new month, blessed people of Household of Christ Church We bless the name of our God for bringing us all into the month of August, your month to reign in His presence.

I am so excited writing to you this month, because of the secrets that God has entrusted to me, regarding the things He is about to do in our Church in our families, for His glory. This month, get ready for the impossible, get ready for the supernatural, get ready for greater access, for God has already signed off on all of the above and there soon shall be floods of blessings in Jesus name.
The month of August shall augur well with you, with your family and with your destiny, for that’s what your all-powerful God has commanded through Jesus Christ our Lord. You just have to position yourself this month, for the Holy Spirit is about to carry out your coronation, that you may begin to reign on your throne in His presence.
Flyer 2I won’t close this message without reiterating the fact that you are the best people, of the best Church on the face of the earth and Stella and I love you very much; you sweeten our lives. Have a Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy new month in Jesus Christ name. May God bless you richly, and may God continue to bless Household of Christ Church abundantly.

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