Deliverance & Marital favor

I grew up in a family where men and woman don’t marry or stay married. I came to The Household and the Pastors joined me in the battle to break that pattern of my fathers house. It was in Household of Christ Church that I learnt to trust God through His word, and I was also taught the power in fasting and prayer and today by the grace of God, I have been blessed with a wonderful God loving/fearing man for a husband; praise God. Household of Christ Church is the place to be, for you to experience the same kind of visitation that I experienced. Come and see, and you will be glad you did – Ms. M.

Divine Healing

January 9th, 2016, around 9:00am, I lost all sensation on my right side, and immediately following that, my lips sagged and my speech slurred. My Pastors were alerted and together with the congregation swung into prayers for me and a few minutes into that prayer, I regained all feelings to my legs and arms, and my speech returned to normal. Afterwards, when I was examined by my Doctors, I was told that I had suffered a stroke, but God had delivered me. Today I still live work and lead an active useful life, thanks to the God of The Household Church. Believe me, God answers prayer in Household of Christ Church, may all glory and honor be ascribed to Him alone – Ms. B..

15 years Barrenness Destroyed:

I was married for over 14 years, and for all those years I desperately desired the fruit of the womb, but couldn’t have them. I conceived a couple of times within that time period but sadly miscarried them all. One day the Pastors of Household of Christ Church came to pray at a relatives home and I was invited. At that prayer meeting, the Pastors prayed for my husband and I, and they told me that I was going to conceive and have a baby. 14 years is a long time, but like Sarah in the Bible, I accepted that word. Lo and behold, a few month later I took in, and carried the baby to full term and delivered a beautiful baby girl. Praise God, He is alive in Household of Christ Church – Mrs. C.

Immigration Miracle/Victory:

I have lived in the USA for over 15 years with no papers before I was brought to Household of Christ Church by a friend. My immigration issue was so twisted and messed up that if I were an immigration Officer, I will not approve the Green Card for myself, that’s how bad it was. When I was brought to Household of Christ Church, the Pastors took my problem as if it was theirs and they started praying for me. To the glory of God, at my next interview with the DHS, I just can’t explain what happened, but by the time the interview was over, the immigration officer told me that he has approved my Green Card, and I was going to receive it in the mail, it was like a dream. I want to report that the God of Household of Christ Church did the impossible for me, by giving me papers to live here freely and since then I have been able to travel home to Africa to see my family. Praise praise praise the God of The Household – Mr. J.

Destiny Resurrection & Total Restoration:

I came to Household Of Christ Church six years ago, but before that time, I was devastated on every front, totally down and out; I had lost my job, and my marriage was on the brink of total collapse. There was chaos and hopelessness within and without, I was living in a perfect storm. My children were always sickly and all my family and friends absconded, with everything around me dying so fast and furious. I was a walking alcoholic, that must drink to forget my pain, but today not only has God delivered me, He also has restored everything I lost and has given me a dream job, that I still have to pinch myself daily to make sure I wasn’t dreaming. My marriage has gone from almost dead to a marriage filled with bliss, with three blessed healthy children. The God of Household of Christ Church is real. Taste and see! – Mr. H.

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