The Lord Will Bless Those That Bless You

Happy new month, blessed people of Household of Christ Church. We bless the name of our God for bringing us into the month of September, a month God has promised to bless those that bless you, in His presence.

Ever wonder why God cares about you (I do most times) as to give you such a glorious blank check. Ever wonder why God shall choose to use you and not the other person? Beloved it’s called grace and it means unmerited favor. You didn’t work for it or deserve it, He has chosen you because of Jesus Christ and I hope and pray that people around you shall know it and connect with you to be blessed. You are on assignment to be a blessing to the world.

Lift your head and square your shoulders for you are royalty and the blood of King Jesus flows through your veins. Your throne has been established and no power in hell can say otherwise; therefore act like it, live like it and speak like it, for everything is going to be alright. King Jesus has completed plans to announce you this month and everything your enemies stole from you, He is about to restore, and your portion is about to be released. Count and call yourself blessed, for soon, you shall be the poster child for the blessed.

I won’t close this message without reiterating the fact that you are the best people, of the best Church on the face of the earth and Stella and I love you very much for you sweeten our lives. Have a Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy new month in Jesus Christ name. May God bless you richly, and may God continue to bless Household of Christ Church abundantly.

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