The Month Of Praise In His Presence

A happy new year to all you beautiful people of Household of Christ Church; we must thank God for the gift of this brand new year, all glory, praise and honor be to His holy name. As we stood on the cusp of this year, God said that 2014 is going to be a year of His presence in Household of Christ Church.

He said that more than He has ever been with us before, this year His presence and power shall be rich and full in our midst; He promised to do many greater works among us this year.

Furthermore, God said that this year, is our year of Destiny, meaning that you shall step into, manifest and fulfill that which He created you for, and no power anywhere can stop you – Hallelujah to His name. He continued to say that this is a year of crossing into your possession; meaning that with the almighty God as your God this year, you shall be promoted, elevated, announced, established, honored and celebrated.

As we embark upon this New Year, we are called by our Heavenly Father to remember all His mercies towards us and praise Him for them all, for He deserves all our praise. You must cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving and praise to God for everything you have, for you received them all from God.

This year you must be quick to plant the seed of God’s word in your heart, by studying His word and devoting yourself to meditation, praise, worship and to prayer. You must get busy this year as a kingdom builder, meaning you must find your niche in His kingdom and start doing all you must to make His name great – find something to do for God in His Church; for the harvest is full but the worker are few, join our Lords army of workers. Tell somebody about JESUS CHRIST, and bring them to our Lord, for he or she who wins souls is wise.

Lastly, we are also called to not only reflect God’s love and God’s compassion but to serve as a witness for Christ and to love God our Father, and our brothers and sister as ourselves. Love conquers all, try it.

Have a Happy, Healthy, and Wealthy New Year!

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